Easy Gluten Free Diet Recipes

gluten free diet recipes

When diagnosed with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, finding delicious and nutritious meals can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many simple gluten free diet recipes to choose from.

Successfully following a gluten free diet requires that you avoid all food sources that contain wheat, rye or barley – this includes all meals and drinks.

Taco Casserole

Taco Casserole is an easy and delicious one-pot meal perfect for busy weeknights. Plus, you can prepare it ahead of time and store in the refrigerator to reheat later on.

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This delicious meal is packed with ground beef, refried beans, rice, salsa and plenty of taco seasoning – everything you need for a fast and flavorful Mexican feast! Use up any extra ground beef you have on hand by serving this nutritious Mexican meal to your family.

This dish is gluten free and an excellent way to add some extra veggies into your diet! It’s especially great for kids since it contains essential minerals and nutrients necessary for growth.

For a dairy-free version of this recipe, you can swap out cheddar cheese for any plant-based cheese substitute. Vegan cheese has come a long way in terms of taste and meltability!

For even more flavor, add spices like cumin or chili powder. Don’t forget to top off with some guacamole, sour cream, and fresh cilantro before serving!

The beef mixture is cooked, then topped with corn tortilla chips and both types of cheese. Finally, it’s baked in the oven until all the cheese has melted and bubbling!

This dish is ideal for either a family dinner or lunch. Try pairing it with tortillas or some fresh lettuce for an incredibly flavorful meal!

This taco casserole is an enticing and nutritious weeknight dinner that you can serve with tortillas, lettuce or refried beans. It makes a great choice for families as it has lean meat and plenty of veggies that your children are sure to love!

Grilled Greek Chicken Salad

This nutritious grilled Greek chicken salad makes a nutritious lunch or light main dish with plenty of fresh vegetables. Tossed in an irresistible lemon vinaigrette, it’s topped off with feta cheese and kalamata olives for extra flavor.

To make this salad gluten-free, swap out the breadcrumbs for rice or gluten-free crackers. You could also use gluten free pasta or quinoa as a salad base; just be sure to check the label first!

Preparing this salad is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward marinade and zesty Greek dressing. Not only is it an ideal meal prep recipe, but the salad can be stored in your fridge for several hours as well.

The marinade can be made up to 24 hours ahead. When serving the salad, add cooked chicken and avocado just before serving.

Step one: Combine all of the marinade ingredients in a large bowl or shallow plate and stir well to incorporate. Next, place chicken breasts into the mixture and toss to coat evenly. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes up to 4 hours.

After marinating your chicken, grill it over medium high heat until its internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow to rest for 5 minutes before slicing.

Sweet Potato Snack Mix

Sweet potatoes make for a tasty and easy side dish that can be easily made gluten-free. You can top them off with various toppings like pecan crumble or marshmallows for an extra special touch.

To begin this recipe, begin by baking the sweet potatoes. Use a mandoline or sharp knife to slice them into very thin rounds (about 1/4-inch thick). Place these on prepared baking sheets and cook in the oven for 20 minutes, flipping them over after 15 minutes.

While the chips are cooking, prepare the toppings. Crushed Chex cereal, chopped pecans, melted butter, brown sugar and cinnamon add delicious flavor to this gluten-free snack mix.

This recipe also features a chocolate dipping option for extra sweetness. To prepare it, melt dark nib mor chocolate using a double boiler setup on your stovetop.

You can make this recipe gluten-free by replacing the Chex cereal and pecans with another gluten-free cereal, such as rice or corn Chex. Or, add a small amount of dairy-free butter to the sweet potato mixture for an extra creamy and tasty treat.

Before beginning this recipe, be sure to thoroughly inspect all ingredients labels for cross-contamination. It is also wise to use a dedicated utensil for handling sweet potatoes and wash any bowl or pan used during preparation. Finally, store the dish in the refrigerator after cooking for optimal results.

Avocado Bacon Dip

Enjoy this flavorful dip for dipping fresh veggies, chips or wings. It also makes a great spread on sandwiches!

Avocado Bacon Dip is an irresistible alternative to traditional guacamole and ideal for any special occasion. Plus, it’s gluten free, low carb and packed with beneficial nutrients – ideal when on a healthy diet!

Make this refreshing dip with ripe avocados, bacon, lime juice and cilantro. Finally, stir in some sour cream before seasoning to your preference with salt.

Make sure to use a ripe avocado for this recipe, as unripe ones tend to be less creamy and harder to smash. Once your avocados have been mashed, add in all other ingredients and stir thoroughly until fully combined.

Stir in the cooked bacon (reserving some for garnish). This simple yet delectable appetizer will be sure to please any partygoer!

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When storing this dip, it’s essential to store it in an airtight container. You can also keep it in the refrigerator for up to three days; just be sure to take off the lid before serving so as not to leave any lingering air bubbles behind.

Make this snack a healthy choice by topping it off with carrot sticks, celery or other veggies. Don’t forget to serve it up with some tortilla chips too!

Add this gluten-free dip to your list of must-try recipes! It’s a decadent, tangy delight that’s sure to please at any event!

This recipe is the ideal way to enjoy a nutritious snack with friends. It also serves as an alternative to traditional guacamole, which is high in calories and fat. Why not turn it into dinner by pairing it with some grilled chicken or steak?

gluten free diet recipes


Chili is an incredibly hearty and satisfying meal that’s also highly versatile. It can be eaten on its own as a soup or paired with hot dogs, breads, and baked potatoes; it also frequently appears as the topping for egg omelets or appetizer dips.

Chili is an ideal gluten free diet recipe because it uses whole foods and minimally processed ingredients. Plus, chili boasts high amounts of protein and fiber – perfect for those with gluten intolerance or who prefer a low carb lifestyle.

This recipe is also packed with B-vitamins, essential for healthy nervous system function and energy production. No matter who you serve it to – everyone will love this easy yet flavorful dish!

Making homemade chili is easy if you have all of the necessary ingredients on hand. These include gluten free flour, paprika, chili powder, salt and pepper – which can all usually be found at most grocery stores. If not, some shopping around may be necessary but these items should all be easy to locate.

Canned beans can also be gluten-free; however, it’s important to note that some manufacturers include gluten as a thickening agent in their sauces and other products due to how they’re packaged at their facilities. This could pose an issue for those with severe gluten sensitivity.

Slow cooker recipes are ideal for this dish as it gives the ingredients time to simmer together and blend into an incredible meal. This method works best for larger families or those who enjoy meal prepping.