7 Muscle Building MISTAKES (These KILL Your Gains!)

Are you struggling to see progress in your muscle-building journey despite putting in the work at the gym? It’s possible that you’re unknowingly making some common mistakes that are hindering your gains. In this article, we’ll uncover seven muscle-building mistakes that could be killing your progress. By identifying and avoiding these pitfalls, you can optimize your workouts and see real results. So let’s dive in and discover how to build muscle efficiently and effectively.

7 Muscle Building MISTAKES (These KILL Your Gains!)


Are you tired of hitting the gym regularly and not seeing your desired results? Well, you are not alone. Many people who engage in muscle building exercises struggle to achieve their goals because of common mistakes that could easily be avoided. In this article, we will discuss seven muscle building mistakes that kill your gains and how to overcome them. Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting, this article will guide you on how to achieve the best possible outcomes from your workout.

1. Failure to Warm-up

Warming up before any exercise is crucial for muscle growth, but it is often overlooked. A typical warm-up should last for at least 10 minutes and could involve light cardio exercise or dynamic stretching. Warming up prepares your body and muscles for the intense workout.

2. Neglecting Proper Form

Many people assume that lifting heavy weights will guarantee muscle growth. However, neglecting proper form is a common mistake that can limit your progress even if you do lift heavy weights. It’s important to focus on form and maintain control during each rep to prevent injury and engage muscles effectively.

3. Lack of Consistency

Consistency is key when it comes to muscle building. A workout routine should be consistent, and you should focus on progressive overload. Ensuring that you progressively increase the difficulty level of the workout is vital. If you are not seeing results, it’s probably because your routine lacks consistency.

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4. Overtraining

Overtraining is a common mistake that people make when muscle building. Lifting weights for long hours could strain your body, preventing it from repairing quickly. Instead, break up your routine and train different muscle groups on different days, alternatively rest, and stretch. You’ll be surprised how productive and rejuvenated your body will feel after proper resting and stretching.

5. Not Eating Enough

Muscle building requires a lot of energy and nutrients. Eating the right amount of calories is imperative to see the results you desire. Experts recommend consuming a specific number of calories daily, with adequate proteins, carbohydrates & fats in each of your meals. A consistency during meal pattern is important. A free book called “Bulk Up Fast” can provide more insight into meals pattern & options for muscle building.

6. Ignoring Assistance Exercises

Assistance exercises play a significant role in muscle building; they assist your primary target muscles in maximizing your gains. Focusing only on a single muscle group will limit your results. Opting for exercises like rows, flies and dips can change your overall body tone and help achieve better overall progress.

7. Not Seeking Professional Help

Last but not least, many people assume they know everything about muscle building, therefore completely relying on themselves. Hiring a professional coach or seeking assistance from people who have already achieved their desired results can make a difference in your journey. Alain is a professional who offers one-on-one coaching and is active on Instagram and Facebook, follow his accounts to get more insights.


Muscle building has numerous benefits, including weight loss, increased strength and a balanced body tone. However, you must avoid these common mistakes that kill your gains. Adopting a warmup routine, following proper form, maintaining consistency, avoiding overtraining, eating enough, not ignoring assistant exercises, and seeking the professional help with Alain’s one-on-one coaching can help you achieve your desired results.


Q1. Is it possible to do an adequate warm-up in less than 10 minutes?

A1. Yes, it is possible to do a proper warm-up routine that lasts for 5 to 10 minutes by doing dynamic stretching exercises, light cardio, and preparing your muscles for heavy lifting.

Q2. Can I see results if I am consistent in my workout routine for only a short period?

A2. A short period of consistency is better than no consistency at all. However, it’s essential to give it adequate time for the muscles to adapt and grow during the workout process.

Q3. Do I need to join a gym to make muscle building progress?

A3. No, you can build muscles using calisthenics, lifting weights, or engaging in any physical activity that stimulates your muscles.

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Q4. Can I follow Alain’s workout plan by merely watching his YouTube videos?

A4. Yes, Alain’s YouTube videos provide great insight into his workout plans, but following his social media accounts and applying for personalized coaching could help you achieve your desired results more efficiently.

Q5. Do I need to eat more than three meals per day when muscle building?

A5. Generally, it’s recommended to eat smaller meals throughout the day, at least five to six times a day, to provide your body with enough protein and calories for muscle building.