How to Order Low Carb for Weight Loss! | Under 500 Calories

Achieving weight loss can be a challenging task, especially when you’re trying to limit your carb intake. However, by adopting a low-carb diet and carefully choosing your meals, you can still indulge in delicious food while shedding those unwanted pounds. In this blog post, we’ll guide you on how to order low carb meals that are under 500 calories, making it easier for you to achieve your weight loss goals. Buckle up and let’s dive into the world of low-carb, low-calorie meals!

How to Order Low Carb for Weight Loss! | Under 500 Calories


Maintaining a low-carb diet can be challenging, especially when eating out. Panda Express, one of America’s most popular Chinese restaurants, can be a tricky place to find low-carb and weight loss-friendly options. However, with the right strategies and tips, you can enjoy a delicious Chinese meal while staying on track with your health goals. In this article, we will provide you with tips for ordering low-carb and weight loss-friendly options at Panda Express, all under 500 calories.

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Tips for Ordering Low-Carb and Weight Loss-Friendly Options at Panda Express

  • Avoid starchy sides such as chow mein, fried rice, and lo mein.
  • Replace high-carb sides with healthier alternatives such as mixed vegetables or super greens.
  • Opt for protein-rich dishes such as grilled teriyaki chicken or broccoli beef.
  • Request for sauces on the side or omit them altogether to avoid hidden carbs and excess calories.
  • Stay away from fried dishes and choose grilled, baked, or steamed options instead.
  • Use chopsticks instead of a fork to eat slower and avoid overeating.
  • Watch the video for helpful tips and tricks and comment for a review of sides/options at Panda Express.

Enjoy Chinese Food while Staying on Track with Your Health Goals

Chinese cuisine is renowned for its flavors and variety of dishes. However, many people perceive it to be high in fat, calories, and carbs. Nonetheless, with some planning and healthy choices, you can enjoy Chinese food without derailing your health goals. Panda Express offers various options that can accommodate a low-carb diet, such as Mixed Vegetables, Super Greens, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, and Broccoli Beef. These dishes are full of nutrients and flavor and can help you stay on track with your weight loss journey.

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An air fryer is an excellent addition to your healthy cooking arsenal. It uses hot air to cook food, producing crispy and delicious meals without the added fat and calories of deep-frying. Christina recommends the Ninja Air Fryer, which is versatile, easy to clean, and perfect for cooking low-carb meals.

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Emphasis on Making Healthier Options when Eating Out

Eating out can be challenging when following a low-carb or weight loss diet. However, with the right knowledge and strategies, you can make healthier choices that satisfy your cravings and support your goals. Panda Express is a perfect example of a fast-food chain that offers healthy and low-carb options. By following our tips and recommendations, you will be able to stay on track with your journey while enjoying a delicious meal.

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Information about the Content Creator’s Weight Loss Journey

Christina, the content creator of Low Carb Love, has a personal weight loss journey that spans over years. She struggled with her weight and unhealthy eating habits, but through lifestyle changes and a low-carb diet, she was able to lose over 50 pounds. Her goal is to inspire and help others to achieve their weight loss goals and live a healthier life.

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Maintaining a low-carb diet while eating out at Panda Express is possible. With the right strategies and tips, you can enjoy a delicious Chinese meal while supporting your weight loss journey. Remember to make healthier options, such as avoiding starchy sides, opting for protein-rich dishes, and requesting sauces on the side. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Low Carb Love’s channel for more tips on healthy eating and weight loss.


  1. Is Panda Express low-carb friendly?
    While Panda Express offers some low-carb and weight loss-friendly options, it still contains some hidden carbs and calories. To ensure a low-carb meal, avoid starchy sides and fried dishes and stick to protein-rich options and steamed vegetables.

  2. Does Panda Express have a nutrition guide?
    Yes, Panda Express has a nutrition guide available on their website, where you can check the nutritional information for each dish. Use it as a reference when ordering to make healthier choices.

  3. Is it possible to eat healthy at fast-food chains?
    Yes, it is possible to eat healthy at fast-food chains by making healthier choices and modifications. Look for options that are high in protein, fiber, and nutrients, and avoid dishes that are fried, sauced, or high in carbs and calories.

  4. What are some healthy alternatives to high-carb sides at Panda Express?
    Some healthy alternatives to high-carb sides at Panda Express include mixed vegetables, super greens, and steamed brown rice.

  5. How do I avoid overeating at Panda Express?
    To avoid overeating at Panda Express, use chopsticks instead of a fork, eat slowly and mindfully, and stick to a predetermined portion size.