18 FACTS ABOUT AZELAIC ACID | Dermatologist @DrDrayzday

Looking to up your skincare game with a new ingredient? Azelaic acid might be just what you need. This multi-faceted skincare hero has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and for good reason. In this blog post, we will be discussing 18 intriguing facts about Azelaic acid, straight from the expert herself, dermatologist Dr. Drayzday. Whether you’re new to skincare or a seasoned pro, this post is sure to provide you with newfound knowledge on this amazing ingredient.


As consumers, it’s essential to be aware of the products we’re putting on our skin. One trending topic among skincare enthusiasts is Azelaic acid, which many experts believe is a game-changer in the world of skincare. In this article, we will discuss the top 18 must-know facts about Azelaic acid with Dermatologist @DrDrayzday.

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1. Azelaic acid is a naturally occurring acid

Azelaic acid is naturally found in whole grains, such as barley, wheat, and rye. It’s also a product of a yeast called Malassezia furfur, which naturally inhabits our skin.

2. Azelaic acid is beneficial for the skin

Azelaic acid has multiple benefits for the skin. It’s known to reduce acne, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the texture of the skin.

3. Azelaic acid is a potent anti-inflammatory agent

Azelaic acid has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and redness caused by conditions such as rosacea.

4. Azelaic acid is excellent for hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a condition caused by an overproduction of melanin in parts of the skin, leading to dark spots and uneven skin tone. Azelaic acid is an excellent remedy for hyperpigmentation, especially for people with melasma.

5. Azelaic acid helps with pitted scars

Azelaic acid is an excellent treatment option for individuals with pitted acne scars. It helps remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and lightens skin pigmentation.

6. Azelaic acid is useful for keratosis pilaris

Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition that causes small, dry bumps on the skin. Azelaic acid helps exfoliate and clear clogged pores, ultimately reducing the appearance of keratosis pilaris.

7. Azelaic acid helps with hidradenitis suppurativa

Hidradenitis suppurativa is an inflammatory skin condition that causes painful, pus-filled lumps. Azelaic acid helps reduce inflammation, decrease the bacteria, and prevent further scarring from the condition.

8. Azelaic acid can help with dark circles

Azelaic acid has a brightening effect on the skin and can help reduce the appearance of dark circles when applied topically.

9. Azelaic acid is an effective treatment for rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects more than 14 million Americans. Azelaic acid is an effective treatment option for individuals living with rosacea.

10. Azelaic acid is available in different formulations

Azelaic acid is available in various formulations, including creams, gels, and foams.

11. Azelaic acid can help combat against demodex

Demodex is a tiny mite that lives on the skin, which in larger numbers can cause skin irritation. Azelaic acid is effective against demodex, helping to reduce the number of bacteria on the skin.

12. Azelaic acid is not a new ingredient

Azelaic acid has been used in dermatology for decades; however, it became more popular in recent times due to its easy availability.

13. Azelaic acid is well-tolerated by most skin types

Azelaic acid is relatively gentle on the skin and is well-tolerated by most people. However, it is always essential to consult a healthcare professional before incorporating it into your skincare routine.

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14. Azelaic acid is safe to use during pregnancy

Azelaic acid is safe to use during pregnancy, but it’s crucial to consult with your doctor before using any new skincare products.

15. Azelaic acid should be used in conjunction with a good moisturizer

It’s essential to use a good moisturizer when incorporating Azelaic acid into your skincare routine. Recommended moisturizers to use with Azelaic acid include Procure Rosacare Hydrogel, Aveeno Calm and Restore Redness relief, CeraVe PM moisturizer, and CeraVe AM moisturizer.

16. Azelaic acid can be combined with other ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, copper peptides, fermented ingredients, and vitamin C

Combining Azelaic acid with other ingredients can help address additional skin concerns like acne and aging. However, when combining Azelaic acid with other ingredients, it’s crucial to do it gradually and with the help of a skincare professional.

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17. Azelaic acid 15% versus 20%

The percentage of Azelaic acid in a skincare product can vary. There is no conclusive answer about the ideal percentage of Azelaic acid to use, as it depends on the individual’s skin needs.

18. Azelaic acid is not intended as medical advice

Although Azelaic acid is readily available, it’s essential to speak to a healthcare professional before starting a new skin routine. The information in this article and accompanying video is not intended as medical advice.


In summary, Azelaic acid is a versatile skincare ingredient with numerous benefits for the skin. Whether you’re looking to reduce fine lines, address acne, or even dark circles, Azelaic acid is a great choice. However, make sure to consult a healthcare professional before incorporating it into your skincare routine.


  1. Does Azelaic acid work for all skin types?
    Azelaic acid is gentle and well-tolerated by most skin types, but it’s always essential to test it on a small area of skin before incorporating it into your routine.

  2. Where can I purchase Azelaic acid skincare products?
    Azelaic acid skincare products are widely available both online and in skincare stores. However, you can purchase them through Dr. Drayzday’s Amazon store.

  3. Can Azelaic acid be used for treating melasma?
    Yes, Azelaic acid is an effective treatment option for individuals living with melasma.

  4. Can Azelaic acid help with aging skin?
    Yes, Azelaic acid can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, making it an excellent choice for those who want to address aging skin.

  5. Are there any budget-friendly options for Azelaic acid skincare products?
    Yes, there are multiple budget-friendly options for Azelaic acid skincare products, including brands such as The Ordinary and Paula’s Choice.