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Why Short Rest Times Are Killing Your Muscle Gains

By Caitlin Miah | September 2, 2019

Another overanalyzed, overhyped, and overcomplicated training variable is rest times. Most “experts” believe you should keep rest periods short in order to provide an anabolic environment, while achieving a massive pump.

The amount of time we spend resting in between sets was once thought to be a very important factor for building muscle mass—particularly due to acute “spikes” in growth hormone when rest intervals are kept short.

These days, however, we’ve got vast amounts of compelling evidence that suggests otherwise.

Hormonal responses do still result from shorter rest periods, but those short bursts of growth hormone (GH) aren’t responsible for more muscle growth.

This isn’t to say that there is anything inherently wrong with short rest intervals; however, if they’re impairing your ability to perform, they can become a huge roadblock to your training.

The point of rest periods is twofold: (1) to ensure you’re primed and ready for your next set and (2) to mitigate the amount of time you spend in the weight room. As long as you’re resting just enough to ensure you’re recovered and ready for your next set—without resting so long that you end up spending your entire day at the gym—you’ll be all set.

Although there isn’t an exact timeframe you should aim for, there are some basic guidelines I’d recommend. However, let me be very clear: I do not expect you to sit around with a stopwatch and time your rest periods. Instead, pay attention to your body and use your best judgment when deciding whether or not you’re ready for your next set.


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Think You Know All The Beauty Tips? Try These!

As the old saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Beauty is what you make of it, and what you consider to be beautiful. That being said, this article will give you some beauty secrets and tips that you can start applying to your life immediately.

No matter what kind of skin you have, you should wash your skin with a mild soap a few times a day. Always completely remove your makeup. Not doing this can result in acne and clogged pores.

Instead of simply applying lipstick directly to your lips from the tube, invest in a good lip brush. This allows you to create a more well-defined shape that does not smear or smudge around the mouth. Pucker up, then pull your finger through your lips to prevent any lipstick from smudging on your teeth.

You can apply makeup to your wide-set eyes in a way that is very flattering and can make the eyes appear closer together. First, apply a dark brown or navy eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes, then blend it with a sponge. Apply your eyeshadow at the inner corners, then blend well outward.

Incorporate exercise into your daily life. Staying active will keep you healthy and youthful-looking. You need to keep it in your figurative beauty bag. Fifteen or twenty minutes of healthy activity every day should do the trick. You could vacuum your home, walk around the block or whatever is exciting to you and gets you moving.

Use conditioner on your legs. The very same conditioners you use to treat your tresses can be used to replace your shaving creams. Conditioners are cheaper and have more staying power than your usual creams. You also can save shower time by not having to fumble with more than one product.

People who have fair skin and hair need a little extra tinting to bring out definition. The best is to use eyebrow tinting, this will bring out the color of your eyebrows as well as add an extra pop to your eyes. Sometimes the subtle little things can make the most difference.

The most important issues to address when you are working on your looks, or that of a friend, is clothing, fitness, skin care and posture. Addressing all of these issues will help you look better and feel better.

A proven solution to dead skin buildup is to use a pumice stone in the shower. The skin is much softer when it absorbs moisture from the shower so it will come off easier. Do not use a razor to remove dead skin, this causes more skin to grow back in the areas which it was removed.

Add some gloss or color to your lips. Applying tinted lip gloss to your lips helps to give your lips a soft, finished look. If you are looking to draw more attention to your lips, add lipstick or lip stain. By adding either one of these it will help to improve your overall look.

Spray mist over your face after you have your makeup applied. It will set the makeup and keep it where it should be much longer. This is a great method to use when you have a long day ahead of you like if it is your wedding day or you have a night out after work planned.

If you have naturally pale skin, having a healthy glow can be a problem. A lot of makeup is not required to have a great looking skin glow. For the most natural-looking results, use a glow product around the hair line, the chin, the apple areas of your cheeks and the bridge of the nose.

A lot of women who wear makeup have problem with lipstick. A lot of ladies make the mistake of wearing bright or bold-colored lip stick. Except for certain special situations, neutral lipstick colors are the best.

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If you hate the problems of clumpy and matted eyelashes, try using an eyelash curler. This will make the eyelashes thick and full without using any products. When using the curler, start at the roots and only use on lashes that are clean. Over time your lashes will become fuller, thicker, and beautiful.

Massaging Vaseline into your cuticles will help your hands in many ways. It will make the skin much more hydrated and it will also encourage your nails to grow a bit quicker. Do this once a week every week and you are sure to see a big difference in the appearance of your hands and nails.

Adding massages to your life will not just make you feel better, they will also help your body feel its best. Massage has several beneficial results, such as helping to stimulate circulation, tone muscles, promote lymph drainage, and clear toxins from your body. Make it a habit to get a massage from time to time and get these benefits for yourself.

Open the pores on your face by steaming your face often. It can be done quite easily by filling a bowl with hot water and holding your face over the bowl with a towel over your head. It will open the pores, draw out deep dirt and debris and make your skin glow. Splash your face with cold water directly after to close the pores back up.

If you have ever woken up in the morning and discovered that areas of your face are puffy, look to your refrigerator and a cucumber. You can cut up a cucumber and massage it over your entire face using a circular upward and outward motion. The cucumber has a natural astringent to help reduce swelling.

Always have some lotion on hand for skin care emergencies. Sometimes you need to spruce up your look quickly. Dry skin, out-of-control hair and more can be controlled by lotion. Rub this into your hair if you want to reduce frizz fast.

Your beauty is an outward reflection of your inner self. Use the information, tips and secrets that you read in this article to let your inner beauty shine on your outward person for the whole world to see. You will notice a confidence that you haven’t had before.

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