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The best way to stay fit as you age is to get out and get moving. Whether you choose to walk, bike or play a few rounds of golf, getting active will boost your spirits and improve your quality of life.

Exercising is not just good for your heart, it is good for your bones, too. When you work out you are improving your body’s ability to cope with stress, which can improve your overall health and longevity. It also helps you sleep better.

Getting active is a good idea for older adults who are experiencing pain or who are worried about falls. By increasing your physical activity you can improve your balance, keep your stamina and maintain your energy.

If you are going to exercise, make sure you do it right. Use proper equipment and clothing to minimize injury. You also want to follow a good stretching routine to help you improve flexibility.

Some studies show that exercising a few times a week can prevent a horde of chronic conditions, including diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure. Taking part in a flexible exercises program, such as yoga, tai chi or dance, can also help you stay fit as you age.

A good way to make exercise fun is to try new things. Try taking a class or joining a club. Also, do some research and find an activity that you really enjoy. And if you do not have the time to dedicate to exercise, you can still reap some of the benefits by walking for short amounts of time each day.

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