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7 Signs Your Workout Routine SUCKS!

By Caitlin Miah | March 6, 2019

Do you often feel frustrated with the lack of results from your workouts despite putting in a lot of effort? It could be that your workout routine is not as effective as you thought. In this article, we’ll highlight seven signs that your workout routine may suck and provide tips on how to fix them. So, let’s dive in and ensure you get the most out of your fitness journey!

H1: 7 Signs Your Workout Routine SUCKS!


As much as we wish it weren’t true, not all workout routines are created equal. You might be putting in time at the gym, but that doesn’t guarantee results. In fact, there are a few signs that your workout routine might be doing more harm than good. In this article, we’ll take a look at seven of those signs and explore solutions that can help you get back on track.

H2: Sign #1 – You’re Not Seeing Results

The most obvious sign that your workout routine isn’t working is that you’re not seeing results. If you’ve been putting in the effort without seeing any changes in your body or fitness level, it’s time to reevaluate your routine. This could mean that you’re not pushing yourself hard enough during workouts, or that you need to switch up your exercises to challenge different muscle groups.

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H2: Sign #2 – You’re Always Tired

It’s natural to feel tired after a workout, but if you’re consistently feeling drained throughout the day, your routine might be to blame. Over-exercising can actually cause fatigue and leave you feeling exhausted, especially if you’re not getting enough rest and recovery time.

H2: Sign #3 – You’re Injured…A Lot

Another sign that your workout routine isn’t working is that you’re getting injured frequently. This could be a result of over-exercising or using incorrect form during exercises. It’s important to listen to your body and give yourself time to recover from injuries before jumping back into your routine.

H2: Sign #4 – You’re Bored

If you’re bored with your workout routine, it’s likely that your body is too. Doing the same exercises over and over again can lead to a lack of motivation and a decline in performance. Consider mixing up your routine with new exercises or joining a fitness class to keep things interesting.

H2: Sign #5 – You’re Not Challenged

On the other hand, if you find yourself breezing through workouts without breaking a sweat, your routine might not be challenging enough. To see progress and improve your fitness level, you need to challenge yourself and push your limits.

H2: Sign #6 – You’re Not Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to fitness. If you’re not sticking to your workout routine or taking long breaks in between workouts, you’re not giving your body the chance to make progress. Make a plan and stick to it, even if that means starting small and gradually increasing the intensity and frequency of your workouts.

H2: Sign #7 – You’re Not Having Fun

Above all, working out should be enjoyable. If you dread going to the gym or find yourself making excuses to skip workouts, it’s time to find a routine that you actually enjoy. Whether that means incorporating fun exercises or finding a workout buddy to keep you motivated, make sure that your routine is something that you look forward to.

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If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your workout routine, don’t despair. There are plenty of solutions to help you get back on track and start seeing results. Whether it’s challenging yourself with new exercises or finding ways to make working out more enjoyable, there’s no reason that your workout routine should suck.


  1. What are some ways to switch up my workout routine?
  • Incorporating new exercises or joining a fitness class are both great ways to mix things up.
  1. How important is rest and recovery time during my workout routine?
  • Rest and recovery time are essential for allowing your body to build and repair muscle.
  1. What are some common workout injuries and how can I avoid them?
  • Injuries like strains and sprains can often be avoided by using correct form and not over-exercising.
  1. What are some fun exercises I can add to my routine?
  • Activities like hiking, rock climbing, or dance classes can all be great ways to get a fun workout in.
  1. How can I stay motivated to stick to my workout routine?
  • Finding a workout buddy, setting goals, and tracking progress can all help keep you motivated and consistent with your routine.

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